• Here’s A 14-Day Lemon Water Challenge That Will Help You Lose Weight

    October 10, 2019Loss MEALS

    Detoxification is really important and great solution if you want to lose some weight. Starting a low-calorie diet is not always a good idea because in that way you start to deprive your body of nutrients, therefore your body can starve and the result will be slow metabolism. So here we are talking about something much…

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  • Healthy Homemade Bread Crumbs

    October 5, 2019Loss MEALS

    Ingredients 1 loaf whole wheat bread 2 teaspoons dried oregano (optional) Instructions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place as many slices of bread as possible on a large cookie sheet. Toast about 6 minutes on each side or until golden. Remove from heat, place toast on a paper towel to cool. Repeat until all bread…

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  • 7-Day Weight Watchers Menu Plan

    September 10, 2019Loss MEALS

    Weight Watchers is a proven and effective program for those who want to lose weight. But when you first begin, figuring out what to eat can be overwhelming! There are plenty of great Weight Watchers meal plans, so narrowing down your options might prove difficult. Dieters love the variety, but at the beginning of their…

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    May 19, 2019Loss MEALS

    Here is a list of fruits, vegetables and a few other options that are zero points on the weight watchers program. Fruits and Vegetables ApplesBananasBlackberriesBlueberriesAsparagusBell PeppersBroccoliBrussels sproutsCarrotsCelery LettuceOnionsAcorn squashApricotsArtichoke heartsButternut squashCabbageCantaloupeCauliflowerCherriesClementines Cranberries (fresh)CucumberEggplantGrapefruitGrapesHoneydewHot peppersJalapeno peppersJicamaKiwiLemons LettuceLimesMangoesMixed greensMushroomsNectarinesOkraOrangesPassion fruitPearsPeaches PicklesPineapplePlumsRadishesRaspberriesSquashStrawberriesString BeansSpinachTangerinesTomatoesWatermelonZucchini Other Options BrothDiet popFruit cocktail (in water)Gelatin (sugar-free)HorseradishHot sauceIce pops (fruit-flavored; reduced-calorie)KetchupMustardPico de gallo SalsaSeltzerSide-salad…

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  • 5 Pasta Alternatives to Help Weight Watchers Lose Weight

    May 8, 2019Loss MEALS

    Pasta has got many alternatives with some having zero smart points when you buy them. The reason why many of us love pasta is because it is a delicious dish; it can also serve as a comfort food which is simply irresistible. However, the problem that usually comes with eating pasta is weight gain. Pasta…

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  • 10 Tips for Weight Watchers Success

    May 7, 2019Loss MEALS

    Here are some helpful tips to help you lose weight with Weight Watchers: Keep a food journal. This is the biggest thing for me because I often “graze” throughout the day and it wasn’t until I started writing down everything that went in my mouth did I really realize how much I really was eating.…

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